In 2014, my wife and I were sitting at a bar called DTUT on the Upper East Side in Manhattan playing a tower stacking game. On each block was a rule with a question on it. My first thought was - this would make a great app! We scribbled 50 truth or dare rules on a napkin that became the base for Block Party. In the initial months of development, I collected hundreds of Truth or Dare rules from lunatics on Craigslist and Fiverr, across the web, comedians, and from the depths of my own imagination. The basic framework and legwork was there but the finances to develop an app were not.

After our wedding in 2018, I decided it was time to dust off Block Party and see if I could actually bring this idea to fruition. So, in all of my spare time, I taught myself Javascript, HTML, CSS, and the basics of JQuery from forums online and was able to put together the web app you see today.

This project has been a pleasure to work on and I hope that you enjoy playing and that you too get the opportunity to see an idea of your own materialize.

Thank you to my wife Brooke for putting up with me working on this in all of my free time (I swear we will watch Netflix like a normal couple soon), Justin for combing through hundreds of rules with me, Eric for letting me bounce ideas off of you as I was learning how to code, and to all my friends and family who supported me and gave me feedback as I got this off the ground.